Concrete Stair Treads are found in every safe stairway. You’ll find Commercial Concrete Products, Inc. durable stair treads in stairwells throughout the Southeastern United States, and the buzz about their superior products continues to spread nationwide. The reason for all the excitement is quality pre-cast concrete stair treads. Apartment complexes choose the pre-cast treads based on their durability and ease of replacement. The parking garage outside your office may have installed broom finish treads; after all, even in high-traffic areas, this model of stair tread lasts years. Owners of commercial and industrial buildings breathe easier knowing their quality stair treads are securely in place.

Common uses for concrete stair treads are obvious: not only do they make stairs safe to tread upon, but they protect the stair itself. Not all are created equal, however. Pre-fabricated treads like those manufactured by Commercial Concrete Products, Inc. practically install themselves. Conversely, the traditional metal pan installation means inevitable water intrusion, which results in rust and unsafe conditions. Guard against that danger with a pre-fabricated tread.

Even save tens of thousands of dollars by installing pre-fabricated versions. This is not a job for welders, so leave the torches out of the process. Simply place the tread over the stair, screw in four bolts, and the job is finished.

It’s just common sense to use concrete stair treads manufactured by Commercial Concrete Products, Inc. They ship their product anywhere in the U.S. and stand by the extensive quality control process that makes their treads superior.

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