Concrete Stair Treads often see a fair amount of traffic. Apartment complexes have the inevitable flow of movers-in and movers-out, who drag heavy objects such as beds and dressers up and down the stairway. Parking garage treads may be trod by hundreds each day. Commercial and industrial building treads wear down as 10 residents and clients arrive and leave.

Thanks to Commercial Concrete, Inc., replacing worn treads takes minutes. Simply replace four nuts, drop the new tread into place and secure it. Depending on the amount of usage, your new tread should last years.

The same ease of use is not true for traditional treads. Here are a few of the many downfalls of the filled pan system:


When a job demands extensive labor, it’s inevitable that dollar signs go up. Welders must be retained to secure these stairs, meaning hours of wasted time and extra cash out of your pocket. Keep the torch out of the process by choosing pre-fabrication.

Difficult Replacement

Filled pans offer an environment for rust to flourish. When this happens, the stair’s strength decreases, leading to unsafe conditions. This becomes a vicious cycle when stairs keep having to be demolished for new treads to be installed.

The simple solution to the filled pan system is a precast concrete stair tread that is easily maintained, installed and replaced. There is no maintenance or painting required.

Commercial Concrete, Inc. will even custom-match existing treads. As a ready-mix batch plant, the company is able to pass on its savings to customers through its competitive pricing.

A sturdy stair tread that’s easy to install and a company dedicated to construction deadlines? Commercial Concrete Products, Inc. has it down to a tread science.

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