Cracks, chips and sagging of the stair may mean it’s time to replace the tread. Thankfully, Commercial Concrete Products, Inc. offers 48-hour bid assistance, quality CAD design and over 50 years combined construction experience. They manufacture their pre-cast treads themselves, and have perfected a tread design that can be installed in minutes.

Concrete stair treads have a variable life span that depends on the amount of foot traffic they endure. A parking garage for a major metropolitan mall may need replacement within years, while an apartment complex that sees low turnover of residency may endure less erosion. Whatever the time frame, it’s important to be diligent and to replace concrete stair treads as soon as the stair shows signs of wear.

There is no reason to wait for a safer stairway. Swapping stair treads out need not be a lengthy, costly event. Commercial Concrete Products, Inc. provides a stair tread that is quickly installed, lessens your liability in minutes and keeps your budget intact.

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