You’ve remembered to fortify your stairway, and you’ve chosen premium concrete stair treads from Commercial Concrete Products.

Congratulations – you’re well on your way to ensuring a completely safe stairwell experience! Why not go one step further and have Commercial Concrete design a pre-cast landing as well?

Using similar technology that makes our concrete stair treads so durable, we fabricate custom pre-cast landings that withstand the elements. Just like our concrete stair treads, these landings resist the penetration of water, so corrosion is rarely an issue. Use pans or loose landing bottoms instead, and you may find yourself having to replace it in a few years’ time.

Commercial Concrete’s alternative is a solid pre-cast landing that is custom-made for you.

  • Design your own landing or let us help you craft it. We manufacture landings on a custom basis, so you can be sure that yours is exactly matched to your specific needs. Choose a finish like our broom or glacial for safety, or go the aesthetic route and leave the aggregate exposed.
  • We’ve spread the highlights of our stair treads to the making of pre-cast landings, and we’ve kept the benefits the same. Enjoy a pre-cast landing that lasts years and that fits your vision of the perfect landing.
  • Expert service makes the process easy. Our professionals follow a strict quality control program during the manufacturing process, and we pay just as much attention to customer service. We’ll bid on your custom project quickly and fairly – and we guarantee our work.

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