Our concrete stair tread designs don’t have to be cookie-cutter. Are you searching for a provider of concrete stair tread designs to deliver a quality product quickly? Besides our custom-designed treads, we produce and maintain a constant inventory of standard premium concrete stair treads in broom and glacial finishes. All standard-sized treads have a nominal width of 12” (for additional dimensional information, please reference our standard precast tread drawings.) Our production capabilities are such that inventories of any size can be maintained upon request.

That means a quicker completion date for your job with the product that best suits your needs. Tell us your desired tread design and dimensions; we’ve produced custom concrete stair treads in a wide variety of thicknesses. Design options are numerous and range from our standard broom finish with a smooth border to exposed aggregates. Clients may even request a completely smooth surface.

Commercial Concrete Products also custom-builds pre-cast landings designed by our customers. These help prevent problems that occur in coastal and extreme weather areas, where a corrosive environment may exist. These landings do not require pans or bottoms that create conditions that allow water to collect.

Simply said, we’ve got the production capabilities to manufacture a myriad of concrete stair tread designs. Inquire about our inventory for any size and/or design of tread. Our team is prepared to provide a timely response and will assist you accordingly.

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