Concrete Stairs Designs vary depending on the product. Commercial Concrete Products, Inc. offers pre-cast designer treads in two finishes, broom and glacial, and can even match an existing tread if need be. The standard width for both design options is 12” and each one features three pieces of #3 rebar and four 3/8 bolts cast into the tread.

No matter your concrete stair designs preference, you can rest assured that each one protects the integrity of the step itself while simultaneously offering a safe, no-slip surface for those who use the staircase.

Commercial Concrete Products, Inc. uses an exhaustive quality control model to ensure that its products exceed are expectations. Due to the company’s constant diligence, their concrete stair tread products are high-quality safety providers, regardless of which design you select.

Choosing a concrete stair tread design from Commercial Concrete Products, Inc. is a simple choice; they’ve been making durable, easy-to-install, competitively priced stair treads for over 21 years and boast a combined 51+ years of construction experience. They’re also the largest manufacture of concrete stair treads in the Southeast United States. They stock the following concrete stairs designs:

Broom Finish

This is the most popular type of finish manufactured by Commercial Concrete Products, Inc. The finish is achieved by a light “brushing” on the top of the tread.

Glacial Finish

This is a non-slip finish cast into the tread by using a mold with a glacial texture.

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