Concrete Stair Treads

Looking for concrete stair treads that offer competitively priced, quality workmanship coupled with easy installation? You’ll find them at Commercial Concrete Products, a company devoted to customer service and committed to making the best concrete stair treads on the market today.

We are the largest stair tread manufacturer in the Southeastern United States. We have manufactured quality treads for nearly twenty years. Choose from a large inventory of for standard sizes, or allow us to quote you on custom building your tread to match your existing project.

Concrete Stair Treads protect both the safety of those who frequent a staircase and the integrity of the stair itself. They serve an important purpose as far as personal safety is concerned, and when a sound product is installed, they also protect from liability. Whether your stair tread needs are for a parking garage, apartment complex or industrial community, there are certain features and benefits the stair treads offered by Commercial Concrete Products, Inc. possess that make them an excellent choice. These include:


Our concrete stair treads won’t rust or rot. Four bolts are cast into the precast tread, which fits easily into a stair opening and offers a longer life than poured steel pans. The company will even match existing stair treads.

Easy and Economical Installation and Replacement

Though they rarely need to be replaced, it’s simple to take these stair treads out and secure new ones in their place. Instead of demolishing the existing model and engaging welders to rebuild the staircase, these models can be installed quickly and easily. Even an apartment’s maintenance staff can place them. This can result in a savings of thousands of dollars.

No Water Intrusion

Metal pans mean water intrusion, which eventually leads to rust and tread failure. Commercial Concrete Products, Inc. precast their treads, so no metal pan is used. That means no water intrusion and no marring of the product by rust.

Exhaustive Testing

Commercial Concrete Products, Inc. tests their stair treads in independent laboratories, guaranteeing that their products exceed International Building Code. Results of these tests are available upon request.

Protecting your investment is simple when the correct concrete stair treads are installed. Commercial Concrete Products, Inc. offers stair treads that are known for their integrity, durability and easy placement. We ship treads anywhere in the United States, so the benefits of their treads are enjoyed from coast to coast.

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